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PLEASE NOTE:  I will be switching over to a "new" portal system that will be more integrated with my tax software.  Call or e-mail so that I  can email you instructions in order to use this new portal system.

The Client Portal is a a secure, password protected portal to send me your QuickBooks files and other pertient documents. 

Please note:  To use the "Client Portal" feature of my website, you must contact me so that I can setup a User Name and Password for you.  I must then "enable" the "Vault" feature of your newly established "Client Folder."  I also must make sure that there is enough space on my website (especially if you are sending me a large QuickBooks file) to accomodate your file/files. After setting up your Client Folder, I will then e-mail you instructions on how to transfer a file/files to me. 

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